[OIII] wing velocity dispersion selection >300km/s

Retrieves the HES name, AGN [OIII] wing velocity dispersion, observed IFU data cube and high-level products maps for all targets with a velocity dispersion of the [OIII] 5007 wing in the AGN spectrum greater than 300 km/s

select agn.hes_name, agn.wing_sigma, ifu.observed, ifu.maps_full from cars_dr1.agn_parameters as agn, cars_dr1.ifu_observations as ifu where agn.target_id = ifu.target_id and agn.wing_sigma > 300

BPT line construction for CARS target ID 12

Reporting of BPT line ratios with proper cleaning of good data

select log(oiii5007_flux/hbeta_flux) as "log(oiii_hb)", log(nii6583_flux/halpha_flux) as "log(nii_ha)", distance from cars_dr1.ifu_datatable_unbinned where target_id=12 and (oiii5007_flux/oiii5007_flux_err)>3 and (nii6583_flux/nii6583_flux_err)>3 and (hbeta_flux/hbeta_flux_err)>3 and (halpha_flux/halpha_flux_err)>3 and (gas_vel_err<20) and (gas_fwhm_err<30)

BH mass in comparison to ENLR maximum size

Retrieves the target id, HES name, log BH mass, maximum size of the ENLR in kpc and the logarithm of it for all objects where the ENLR is measured and greater than 0.0

select agn.target_id, agn.hes_name, agn.log_bh_mass, host.enlr_max_kpc, log(host.enlr_max_kpc) as "log_enlr_max_kpc" from cars_dr1.agn_parameters as agn, cars_dr1.host_properties as host where agn.target_id = host.target_id and host.enlr_max_kpc > 0.0

Specific SFRs from the AGN decontaminated Halpha and IR-based measurements

Reports the stellar masses, Halpha-based SFRs after AGN-decontamination, and IR-based SFR from SED fitting to compute specific SFR from the sample

select hes_name, log_mass_star, log_mass_star_16, log_mass_star_84, sfr_ha_bpt, sfr_ha_bpt_16, sfr_ha_bpt_84, flag_ha_bpt_limit,  sfr_ir, sfr_ir_16, sfr_ir_84, flag_ir_limit, log(sfr_ha_bpt)-log_mass_star as "ssfr_ha", log(sfr_ir)-log_mass_star as "ssfr_ir" from cars_dr1.host_properties

Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) for target HE0040-1105

Collect integrated panchromatic photometry from the UV to FIR for a single target from the CARS database

select phot_band, phot_centwave, phot_flux, phot_flux_error, phot_flux_limit, log(phot_centwave) as "log_centwave", log(phot_flux) as "log_phot_flux" from cars_dr1.photometry where hes_name = 'HE0040-1105'

Retrieve AGN lumionsities from BLR and X-ray measurements

List the bolometric luminosity based on the Hbeta BLR component and the soft X-ray lumionsity

select tar.hes_name, tar.soft_x_flux, tar.lum_dist, agn.log_agn_lum, log(4*pi())+log(tar.soft_x_flux)-12+2*log(tar.lum_dist*3.086e24) as "log_soft_x_lum" from cars_dr1.targets as tar, cars_dr1.agn_parameters as agn where tar.target_id = agn.target_id