Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS)

Welcome to the first Data Release (DR1) of the Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS)

CARS is a spatially-resolved multi-wavelength survey of about 39 nearby luminous AGN and 2 starburst galaxies initially misclassified as AGN. In this DR1 we deliver

  1. 3D cubes and high-level data products from optical IFU spectroscopy taken with VLT/MUSE, VLT/VIMOS, and CAHA/PMAS
  2. AGN spectral modelling and determined AGN parameters
  3. Modelling of the panchromatic Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs)
  4. Characterization of circumnuclear ionized gas outflows
  5. Basic host galaxy parameters

The IFU observations, data reduction and generation of primary high-level data products are presented in the paper by Husemann et al. (2021). Construction and measurements of the panchromatic SEDs are outlined in Smirnova-Pinchukova et al. (2021). Finally, an initial characterization of ionized gas outflows close to AGN is provided in Singha et al. (2021).

Release of additional multi-wavelength CARS observations are planned in future data releases as the survey analysis progresses.

CARS field
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