Available Tables

As part of the CARS data release we provide several tables. Those are based on work presented in

  1. Husemann et al. (2021)
  2. Singha et al. (2021)
  3. Smirnova-Pinchukova et al. (2021)

The tables in CARS DR1 do not correspond to the individual tables presented in those publications and are grouped together on their content. The table below briefly describes the content of each table and to which work the content is taken from. Additional information on the table format, column description can be found in here.

Table name Paper origin Descriptions
cars_dr1.targets (1) List of CARS targets with basic archival information
cars_dr1.ifus (1) Technical characteristics of the IFUs used for the CARS observations
cars_dr1.ifu_observations (1) Observational parameters of the CARS observations.
cars_dr1.ifu_datatable_unbinned (1) Individual spaxel line fluxes and kinematics from the IFU data
cars_dr1.ifu_datatable_binned (1) Same as above but for the spatially binned IFU data
cars_dr1.host_morphology (1) Basic morphological parameters of the AGN host galaxies from broad-band imaging using 2D modelling and visual classifications
cars_dr1.agn_parameters (1,2) BLR and NLR emission line parameters in the AGN spectrum and the derived primary AGN parameter such as BH mass, luminosity and Eddington ratio
cars_dr1.spectroastrometry (2) Results from the spectroastrometric analysis of the [OIII] line in the IFU data cubes
cars_dr1.photometry (3) Integrated panchromatic photometry from FIR to UV wavelength
cars_dr1.host_properties (1,3) Computed host galaxy properties including stellar masses, various star formation rate estimators, ionized gas characteristics and gas-phase metallicity.